Thursday, 26 July 2018

Staying Close to Masjid Al Nabawi Has Never Been So Difficult with This

The other advantage of Umrah is said to be visiting Madinah and experience Arabic culture in every single side. Especially for leisure travellers, it would be a blessing in disguise to fulfill their religious instincts as well as experiencing Arabic hospitality at its best.

The very desire to saying prayers inside Masjid Al Nabawi of Madinah is said to be first and foremost desire of a true Muslim individual. Having unconditional love for Allah what transpires and inspires Islamic people to reach first ever mosque in the world as well as resting place of Prophet Mohammed and pay their heartiest tribute over there.

If you think of embarking upon such a religious journey, then do know about performing Umrah in order to attain inner peace and harmony. Much like religious act of Hajj, Umrah said to have the same results on every single follower except the notion that it can be performed any time of the year.
Just be ready to experience purity of mind, body and soul after performing divine act of Umrah along with removal of poverty from life.

For such unforgettable travelling purpose, make sure to book stay inside Zowar International hotel Madinah. Quite a luxurious and decorated hotel of Madinah which is located just 183 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi sure to provide convenient to travelers.

Structurally amazing hotel both from inside as well as outside sure to catch your attention at a first glance. Rooms are well decorated with Arabic style persona that consists of you caas carpeted floor, bright lighting, soothing ambience and quite a peaceful persona inside. Plus, rooms also feature contemporary style amenities like air condition, free Wifi, private bathroom, tea/coffee maker, flat screen television and much more.

You can also savour the pleasure of lip-smacking Arabic as well as other multi-cuisine dishes at in-house dining area. Settled out of modern niche, the overall ambience of restaurant area is completely sophisticated and quite royal in style.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Feel the Impressive and Luxurious Persona of Zowar International Hotel

Zowar International Hotel
The city of Madinah is surely to be ideal virtue for Muslim individuals who like to seek blessings of Prophet Mohammed. There are many in number who like to pay visit to this city once in their lifetime even without the presence of Ihram or Talbiyah.

A place known for remembering highest Deity and to visit Masjid Al Nabawi mosque to seek blessings of Prophet Mohammed is surely to be next destination in your trip list.

Located simply 200 miles from Makkah, the city of Madinah is best known for its Arabic style culture, heavenly beauty, simplicity of the people, mouth-watering cuisines and luxurious looking lodgings.

One of the sought-after property is Zowar International Hotel which is located at the central place of the city. A property best known for its majestic and extremely beautiful stature that matches to blue sky sure to attract the eyes of onlookers at a first glance.

A multi-storied building of the hotel features spacious areas, number of luxurious guest rooms, ample parking space and several other modern range of facilities. Surely pilgrims will find the convenience to reach Holy Mosque on foot will find the same at just 180 meters away.

The user-friendly staff will welcome you to the gateway of this luxurious lodging under the presence of state of the art architecture, shiny ambience and complete peace and tranquillity inside.

Featuring hundreds of guest rooms inside, each unit offers majestic and splendid resemblance of its own. Some of the rooms sure to provide impressive feel of Arabic culture with the presence of decorated carpeted floor and walls along with numerous artefacts inside. In terms of inside amenities, you can rest assure to find air condition, free Wifi, private bathroom, complimentary toiletries, tea/coffee maker and much more.

One of the most talk about feature of this 4 star hotel in Madinah is beautifully structured restaurant area having ample space and royal interior inside. One can taste the rich delicacies of Saudi Arabia along with other multi-cuisine meals. Plus, you can also taste majestic pleasure of sweet dish and cakes while sitting inside.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Particular Way of Performing Umrah

Ramadan 2018
Umrah Package 2018
No doubt the fact that Muslims living all across the world consider Hajj as well as Umrah as holiest act of worship that have to be performed by every single devotee of Allah. It is being said that the one who is financially stable and physically sound can embark upon the religious journey of spirituality.

It is a general fact that Hajj has much bigger significance than performing Umrah that has to be made in a specific time of the year. However, performing Umrah is equally religious and pious on the part of Islamic followers living anywhere in the world.

Not as obligatory as Hajj, Umrah still has of its own relevance in terms of letting pilgrims to clean one’s mind, body and soul from past sins and to start a fresh new life.

Look at the Way to Perform Umrah

In order to perform this pious and religious act of worship, there is a step by step process that needs to be followed:

•    Ihram: Ihram is said to be a state or a condition in which you are likely to cut nails, hairs, do bath and wear two pieces of white cloth. From emotional point of view as well, one has to leave things like hunting, perfuming and sexual intercourse during the whole process of Umrah.

•    Entering Inside Grand Mosque of Makkah: Next step is to enter inside holy mosque by placing your right feet first. After that, devotees have to do rounds in anti-clockwise direction around a Black stone.

•    Roam Around Safa and Marwah: The next step requires you to take seven rounds between two hills of Safa and Marwah while reciting holy verses from Quran.

Comfortable Accommodation is Necessary to Book

So, you have to admit the fact that, doing the whole process of Umrah is certainly time consuming that ultimately requires you to stay long in a comfortable looking accommodation. Therefore, ideal choice is to find hotel in Madinah near Haram that is luxurious enough to provide unforgettable staying pleasure. That is the reason, prefer to take ideal service of online hotel booking in Madinah.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Zower International Madinah - Complete Set of Luxury at a One Single Destination

Visiting and finding a perfect lodging in Madinah is not that difficult, unless and until, you are clear about the idea as what exactly you want.

Do you wish to stay close to Holy Mosque? Are you looking for hotel that features great deal of combination of class and luxury? Don’t you have budget for a 5-star category one?

If the answer to all such questions is yes, then settle for a 4 star hotel Madinah which is no less than a lap of luxury all because of its monumental building, 180metres walking distance away from Masjid Al Nabawi, magnificent ambience, Arabic style décor and much more you find inside.

Zowar International Hotel
Zowar International Hotel in Madinah
 This Madinah hotel is truly a masterpiece in itself all because of ravishing lobby as well as reception area due to fully marble floors and artistic furniture. Even guest rooms fall in different categories have different yet majestic persona all thanks to modern set of amenities as well as theme style décor inside.

Multi-cuisine dining area is one of the defining features of this fascinating lodging. On the top of that, in-house café serves lip smacking hot beverages to guests of different choices.

Staying Close to Masjid Al Nabawi Has Never Been So Difficult with This

The other advantage of Umrah is said to be visiting Madinah and experience Arabic culture in every single side. Especially for leisure tr...